AVAAZ vs Kory Teneycke battle is heating up

It looks like the AVAAZ vs Kory Teneycke battle is heating up. Kady has the documents, wherein AVAAZ is seeking a criminal investigation into the fraudulent signatures to their petition.

People will remember, that during a CBC appearance, Kory Teneycke and Ricken Patel had an exchange over these fraudulent names. Prior to this appearance, Teneycke and others gleefully pointed to these bogus signatures as evidence of a flawed petition. In fact, people were making a big deal about these signatures to discredit the entire online petition. We then learned about the single IP address for ALL the fake signatures, the funny one’s that Teneycke admitted he knew of, via a email "source", as well as the fake journalist signatures, of which Teneycke said he heard no mention from said "source". It was fascinating to see Teneycke suddenly trying to minimize these fake names. I believe the words on the CBC appearance were "no big deal", accompanied by adam’s apple diving into stomach, when asked about the fake names, and the potential legal ramifications. We went from voluntary playing up the phoney signatures to decided playing down in a matter of hours. Infer from that what you will, but it was "a big deal" until AVAAZ discovered more about origin.

Back to today’s developments. I find it very interesting that AVAAZ has contacted the RCMP, as well as the OTTAWA police. According to AVAAZ, they have determined that the single IP source, responsible for ALL bogus signatures, came from an Ottawa area source. I suppose the Ottawa fingerprint has no relevance, but given all the places in this vast country this IP could have come from, OTTAWA seems just a little fascinating, doesn’t it? I hope the OTTAWA police, get to the bottom of this single source IP who has Kory Teneycke’s email and also resides in OTTAWA.

Again, fascinating. 

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