Life After The Lightning Rod for Kory Teneycke

In the big picture, I think QMI’s decision to part ways with Kory Teneycke will prove to be a shrewd move. Of course, this departure is all by accident- Teneycke’s behaviour forced every one’s hand- but when the dust settles, his absence could ultimately help the upstart news network.

Teneycke was a lightning rod- the unnecessarily goading, immature, obnoxious style only served to harden opposition, as he morphed into a unattractive caricature. Particularly stunning to watch, considering the COMMUNICATIONS pedigree. Couple the amateurish style with the very real ties to the Conservative Party and it all congealed into a very large net negative from the QMI perspective. With today’s announcement, a chief irritant and mounting obstacle is removed, meaning SunTV just got closer to reality.

Today QMI dumped a obvious problem, and they gained a Charles Adler. I can barely listen to five minutes of "Adler nation"- a windbag if there every was- but he’s entitled to his opinion, conservative and proud of it. Adler is certainly a better "face" from the upstart network’s perspective, an ideologue, but so what? What I’m getting at, it’s a little harder to get worked up over an Adler vs a Teneycke, for obvious reasons. Throw in a "straight shooter" like David Akin, and it tends to offset an Ezra Levant. With Teneycke gone, the NAKED partisan connection is removed, at least in terms of stark appearance. Teneycke’s resignation announcement raised some valid points, much of what he said is true and shouldn’t be dismissed.

Given the abrasive zeal, there’s a certain inherent justice in watching Teneycke fall flat on his face. However, when the final chapter is written, this perceived victory might turn out to be a turning point, a plus for QMI and their aspirations. Stay tuned… 

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