Christine O’Donnell quite the character!

I’m sure you are aware of the Republican nominee for Senate in Delaware, Christine O’Donnell. She is quite the character. 
These are her words on the role of women,

O’Donnell believes the proper role of a woman is to ‘submit’ to her husband. "This is not about merely a Baptist doctrine. This is a biblical doctrine. And the passage from the Bible the Baptist article is taken from talks about a submissive family. And yet, what the media seems to be reacting to is the word “submit” in the wives. But yet, even in, Mary, your introduction, you ignored or you left out where it says they graciously submit to a servant leader. And that is God’s design for the family. It is not about dominating and it is not about being a slave to your husband." [CNN, 6/11/98]

I wonder if she thinks those domestic violence ‘victims’ should have just submitted to avoid getting shot. What about her words on sex,
“Women play sex to get love. Men play love to get sex.” [Fox News, 8/2/03]
This comment does a disgusting disservice to men, implying they only love to get sex, not to mention ignores the fact that some women just like sex and love plays no role. And her thoughts and what ‘kids’ do,

Asked about disparaging comments children had made about a gay peer, O’Donnell dismissed it, saying, “It’s kids being kids, that’s it.” [Hannity & Colmes, 7/19/00]

I’m sure all those kids who have committed suicide because of gay bashing thought their peers were "just being kids." We don’t even need to talk about her suggestions that lying is worse than giving up Jews to the Nazis. You can read all the Christine-isms at Think Progress. It’s what I call #ODonnellogic

Or if you really want a treat, you can check out the video on YouTube where she explains that if people would just take personal responsibility rather than the government handing out condoms, we could eliminate AIDS in a generation.
Americans, your country is going to hell in a handbasket. That being said, Canadians did election King Stephen…

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