The Conservatives: Biggest Frauds In Canadian History

Never before, have we seen a gang take office and so truly and fundamentally betray everything they supposedly stand for. The Conservatives aren’t unique in failing to live up to their promises, but when it comes to projecting overt moral superiority, they simply have NO peer. The gap between reality and rhetoric becomes that much more pronounced when you grasp the populist origins of the new Conservative Party.

Last night, in Winnipeg North, the Conservative candidate was a no show for the candidates debate. Important to note, this complete affront to the notion of democratic accountability isn’t unique, the Conservatives have pulled this stunt, time and again, across the country. Taken further, incorporate Fantino, his "protective custody" style of campaign, and you are left with what just might be the biggest fraud of party since confederation.

Where are you Reform hypocrites, blogging bories, all you white horse mount pure types, as you watch the transparent, accountable party operate like a totalitarian regime? Not only are Harper’s Conservatives not accountable, transparent, populist, they make the former Liberal regimes look downright progressive by comparison. It’s absolutely stunning, that the Tim Horton’s party can operate in such an elitist, detached, snub your nose, bite me electorate, fashion. And yet, they can…. 

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