The Crazy Cloud Collection

Avant-Garde Japanese Dance Powers The Crazy Cloud Collection

Highways Performance Space and Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)

"The Crazy Cloud Collection"

The Crazy Cloud Collection explores and interprets the life of 15th-century Buddhist monk and poet Ikkyu Sojun through Butoh, a Japanese dance style that combines playful and grotesque imagery with extreme environments and is usually performed in white body makeup with slow, hyper-controlled motions. The program is choreographed by Ko Murobushi, one of the leading practitioners of Butoh, and Shinichi Iova-Koga, who combines Butoh, physical theater and martial arts into his work. Together, the artists hope to invite the ghost of Ikkyu to share the stage with them in what promises to be a performance filled with stunning imagery, mystery and experimental dance. Learn more…

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