Mariah Carey’s World Premiere Show

Between the extremely publicized breakup between her and fiancé James Packer, and the glamorous trailers, Mariah Carey’s new reality series has been my most anticipated show this year. Last night’s premiere episode didn’t disappoint. If I had to describe Mariah’s World using only buzzwords this is what you’d get: sunglasses (even underwater), chaise lounges, lip injections, yachts, perfectly manicured nails, drinks, and of course, perfect lighting. But here’s what actually happened.

I literally squealed when the show opened not with a shot of Mariah, but her dark-haired alter ego, Bianca Storm. You might remember Bianca stealing Mariah’s man and trying to beat her up in a bathroom during the video for “Heartbreaker.” Bianca’s back with some serious trash talk and an insistence on calling her doppelgänger Maria. Rehashing their old beef, Bianca warns viewers that they don’t know “how awful she really is.”

After that hilarious icebreaker, the first episode of Mariah’s World sets the stage for quite a bit of upcoming drama. Mariah tries to put together a 28-stop European concert in about two weeks. The pressure to coordinate wardrobe, choreography, staging, and other logistics in such a short period of time falls on Mariah and a host of other characters.

Stella Bulochnikov is Mariah’s manager and clearly the HBIC. With long, red nails and plumped up lips (see above buzzwords), Stella serves “don’t mess with me” realness. She calls all of the shots and hires an already in-over-her-head assistant, Molly. Stella didn’t get her bossy style from working with Mimi. Stella is a reality show veteran who has producer credits on T.I. & Tiny and Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. The creative director for Mariah’s tour, Anthony Burrell, is also a no-nonsense player who already clashes with the wardrobe designer. There are more than enough divas on this show to overshadow Mimi.

We also meet the infamous backup dancer rumored to have come between Mariah and James, Bryan Tanaka. Bryan reminisces about working with Mariah previously and rebuilding their close friendship. (Side eye…)

Speaking of Mariah’s love life… Despite conflicting reports on whether or not he would be in the series, James Packer makes a very quick appearance — and is still Mariah’s fiancé. During the premiere, Mariah tries to plan their wedding alongside her tour. She’s up for the challenge, until Stella convinces her to postpone the nuptials. She breaks the news to James who, is supportive of the decision and “waiting” for his songstress lover. Everything seems so perfect.

So what the hell happened between these two?! I know where I’ll be for the next seven Sundays.

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