Thanks Mtv – For Doing The Right Thing With Nev Schulman

It’s gratifying to see how intelligently MTV handled the misconduct allegations against Catfish host Nev Schulman. They put Catfish production on hold and HIRED AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATOR to scrutinize the charges made by a woman who appeared on the show. She alleged that Schulman pressured her to have sex with him. Schulman denied the allegations and pointed out that coworkers present at that time would back him up. Investigators found the charges to be without merit, and Catfush resumed production. We’re happy to see that no one was instantly fired nor were shows abruptly canceled until charges were thoroughly examined. It’s a shame that some ex-girlfriends, wannabe girlfriends or just bad dates drop bombshell charges without merit against guys for some kind of revenge. The #MeToo movement is way too important for this kind of frivolity.

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