Bird Box: The Ending Could Have Been Much Worse

If you plan to see Netflix’s Bird Box apocalyptic horror movie with Sandra Bullock, read no further. We were lucky to see it in a theater before all the hoopla started. It’s the story of unseen creatures that suddenly manifest on earth and anyone who looks at them, dies. Blindfolds are the only solution to survive. Sandra Bullock and her two children endure horrific situations to seek help. The movie was adapted from the novel of the same name, but the book had a distinctly different ending. The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that in the movie Sandra and kids eventually found safety and solace at an oddly located School for the Blind. They were finally able to remove their blindfolds. But in the book, the “safe haven” is a group of people who have deliberately blinded THEMSELVES in order to stay alive. We totally appreciate the more optimistic ending because we HATE to walk out of a movie feeling depressed…

Photo: Netflix

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