Simon Doonan’s Windows Made A Difference

Our longtime and adorable friend Simon Doonan has been the creative director at Barneys in New York for ages and he designed their most eccentric and famous window displays. (We are still IN SHOCK at the news of Barneys closing. Boo hoo – is there life after Barneys?) Before that, young Simon did whimsical windows at Maxfield in LA, and to celebrate their 50th anniversary, Maxfield published a small book of Simon’s windows from 1978-1985 for a hefty $50. (Simon is a very entertaining writer and has written several other fanciful books – this gossip columnist is a chapter his book Wacky Chicks) Maxfield had a festive book party to celebrate and Simon had a long line of admirers. We reminisced about gossip items he used to sell me for Star magazine…

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