Tom Cruise Rant Was Scientology Inspired

Former Scientologists were shocked to hear Tom Cruise’s dramatic setside Mission Impossible tirade because they say he sounded JUST LIKE (Scientology leader) David Miscavige! One revealed that the rant “was pure church-speak” and closely resembled Miscavige’s abusive tirades. It was as if Cruise was on a “power high” – like a general drilling his army. Former Scientologists agree: this is typical behavior for the higher-ups in the “church.” Classic Scientology mind-control: listen and comply. It had less to do with Covid than showing off his own tyrannical power. Coincidentally or not, the mission of Scientology is believed to be more important than the individuals in it. Public humiliation, threats, and expletives from a person in power is not the sensible way to get people to cooperate and it shows a lack of compassion. But Scientology leaders disagree.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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