What’s Wrong With Rami Malek?

This fuss over a high school photo made us totally change our mind about Rami Malek. Despite his incredible success, Malek has always seemed to be rather insecure and anxious, but essentially a nice guy. Rachel Bilson posted this cute photo of them together on a high school senior outing to see a Broadway show. They both look natural, happy and adorable. In fact, it’s one of the best pics we’ve ever seen of Rami! Regardless, he asked her, rather coldly, to remove the photo, with no explanation. She THOUGHT they were friends! He embarrassed her and didn’t even respond when she deleted the photo. We were as astonished by his behavior as SHE was! No WONDER she talked about it- she was trying to figure out what she did wrong. The answer is NOTHING – either Rami is too self-important to have a sense of humor – or he just has bad manners. He’s not the guy we thought he was.

Photo: Instagram

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