Gay Icon Carrie Fisher Gave The Boys Something To Gossip About

Carrie Fisher is the talk of West Hollywood. Last weekend she was booked to do two “Evenings with Carrie Fisher” on the RSVP gay cruise to the Caribbean. (Hers is one of the best one woman shows we have ever seen – she’s brilliant!) When the ship stopped for beach time in Aruba, Carrie would board the ship, do her shows, and get off at the next stop. The boys on the beach were surprised to see Carrie swimming with her clothes on (a muu muu) and talking on and on, rather loudly, to herself. That night she arrived onstage a hot mess- late, disheveled, and carrying her small dog. Keep in mind Carrie has openly discussed her bipolar condition and substance abuse in the past. Maybe she skipped her meds that day because she made NO sense onstage. While she rambled incoherently, her dog peed on the floor (she mopped up with table napkins) and a few minutes later he pooped on the stage. The audience started to buzz but she was oblivious and a staffer covered the mess with a tablecloth. Since Carrie was babbling and everyone was embarrassed, audience members started to get up and leave and she tried to grab them and stop them. The show was abruptly cancelled and her second show was also. The next day she seemed perfectly happy as she left the ship, waving goodbye to all as if nothing happened.

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