Sam Affleck is Lucky Kid

Sam Affleck

This article was last updated on September 22, 2022

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What a fortunate young man Sam Affleck has become.

It’s not often that a famous actress has to do the unglamorous task of driving her kid to and from school on a daily basis. However, Jennifer Garner has always done this, first with her daughters Violet and Seraphina and now with her youngest son, Sam, who is ten years old. Garner hoped that her children would grow up with nothing but a regular life. She takes a personal interest in them and their education, and she even drives them to their after-school activities. Despite ending her marriage to Ben Affleck in 2015, she has stayed friendly with him and included him in her children’s lives. The good fortune she has bestowed on her children is lost on them. Sam resembles his mother physically, although he inherited Ben’s chin dimple.

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