Is This The Beginning Of The End For Rachel Zoe?

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe has been bombarded with business propositions since her Bravo reality series “The Rachel Zoe Project” debuted in 2008, and just MAYBE she hasn’t been paying enough attention to her TV show. Ratings have taken a nose-dive and it looks like Bravo plans to cancel the series. Her series devolved into self-obsessed Rachel continuously whining about her minor problems or drooling over her baby, and LESS about fashion. Does Rachel realize how important that show is to her continued success? It’s guaranteed that offers will start drying up as soon as she is off the air – out of sight, out of mind. Her pricey clothing collection is not doing very well – several major stores have already stopped carrying her lines. If she’s smart, Rachel will funnel ALL her efforts into revamping a TV deal with Bravo. Rachel- do not underestimate the importance of Bravo!

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