Borat Style Hollywood Prank Fooled Actresses

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Borat Style Hollywood Prank Fooled Actresses

Borat started it all. Recently a casting call in LA was posted on the Actors Access website for young actresses to audition for a role in a feature film called“May The Best Man Win.” Dozens of earnest young women showed up for the audition and were horrified by what they were asked to do. Some of the women were asked to perform in blackface, and others, to impersonate Adolf Hitler and shout Nazi propaganda. It was a moral dilemma. What they didn’t realize is that it was a prank casting session inspired by Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat movie. One of the producers of Borat is involved. According to the LA Times, the girls were being pranked for the $800,000 low budget comedy “May The Best Man Win” about two guys who try to outdo each other with wild stunts. Hoping for a film role, the girls were disappointed, but many opted to sign a release for a $50 cash payment. Producers didn’t apologize – they said other pranks in the movie are MUCH worse.

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