Alec Baldwin: Don’t Give Up – Get A Grip!

We confess we are torn when it comes to Alec Baldwin. As a performer (such as in “Blue Jasmine”) he can be perfectly delightful. His off-camera antics provide fodder for endless gossip stories because he doesn’t know when to shut up. THAT we love. But then there’s his obnoxious elitist side. He’s on the cover of New York magazine boo-hooing about his lack of privacy. He whines dramatically that he’s even willing to give up show business and move away from New York if necessary for the “safety andpeace of mind of his family.” But would he and his family really be happy if he retired and moved to the suburbs? Let’s face it, ALL of Alec’s problems stem from his lack of self- control – his temper. THAT will follow himeverywhere.

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