Oj Simpson Has The Hots For Kim Kardashian

Mugshot: TMZ

OJ Simpson is definitely a monster, but he does have his bizarrely entertaining moments. He’s serving his 33 year prison sentence in Nevada but he can still dream, can’t he? according to RadarOnline, OJ has become fixated on Kim Kardashian and has her nude photos from Playboy on his cell wall. He reasons that she likes black ball players and while he’s serving time, he bragged to a prison buddy, “Kanye can have her now, but when I get out, she’s MINE!” Kim was only 14, when her father represented Simpson on trail for murdering his wife Nicole.Ironically, he was rumored to have had a fling with Kris Jenner that resulted in the birth of Khloe. Of course, OJ weighs 300 pounds now, so when he’s released, women might not be so attracted to him.

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