Critics like Ashton Kutcher’s Entry in Two and a Half Men

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Critics like Ashton Kutcher’s Entry in Two and a Half MenAfter much uncertainty, Two and a Half Men finally came to the screen on Monday night without Charlie Sheen. The first show of the season revolved around the demise of Charlie Sheen’s character and an entry of another superstar, Ashton Kutcher.

The death of Sheen’s character was ridiculous, especially the scene of his funeral. Charlie’s fiancée, Rose says about him on the funeral – “His body exploded like a balloon full of meat.”

Previously, critics have been very harsh on the show. However, they now believe Kutcher’s naked yet joyful entry is a fresh start and the show is quite entertaining.

Encouraging Kutcher, People’s Tom Gliatto writes: “The instant verdict: Kutcher was not at all bad. He was quite likable. The fact is that Kutcher, despite having spent so much time over the past few years branding and Tweeting himself, is a good comic actor. Not great.”

Agreeing with the much positive remarks of Gliatto,’s Ken Tucker says, “Kutcher’s performance was good, nearly as poker-faced fine as Sheen’s was. Beware of the impending revisionism that Kutcher is superior to Sheen as a comic actor — Sheen really had a knack for this gig, and was a generous reactor to Cryer. Kutcher will probably prove just as skilled.”

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