Abhishek was born Amitabh Bachchan’s son

On Sunday February 5, Abhishek Bachchan celebrated his 41st birthday with a homely celebration with his family. Later reminiscing about the years gone by, the actor’s father, legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan, who has been rather prolific on social networking sites and his own blog decided to share his feeling for his son. In a pretty heart felt post on his blog, Amitabh Bachchan talked about what is really was like for Abhishek growing up in the shadow of a leading actor and how he has coped with it. Below is a reproduction of Bachchan’s memoirs:

“Once he was at the verge of being born as I had rushed to the Breach Candy hospital in the year 1976 ..and then he grew and grew to become what he became as in the first pictures .. I was born, Bachchan ji’s son .. a celebrity even before I knew how to spell the word .. Abhishek was born as Amitabh Bachchan’s son .. a celebrity even before he could find out what it meant ..

My Father a known respected and public figure name, there was always those unwritten behavioural compulsions that were needed to be adhered to .. to follow certain social norms, moral and cultural in keeping with the surname ..

Abhishek had to go through the same .. and still does ..

That is the keeping for and of all ..

He, my son, Abhishek turns 41 .. and I cannot imagine the time passed .. those hours at the Breach Candy Hospital where Jaya struggled with her labor .. and that OPT door opening and Dr Shah, our family doctor, poking his head out of the door and asking – ‘what did you want ..?’ .. and his anticipated smile giving away that a son had been born .. the champagne bottle opened, the nurse and sisters on duty were given a sip each much against their wishes and protocol, but .. there it was .. excitement .. and the joys of another addition to the family ..

As we brought him in to our humble home, in JVPD, 7th road ‘MANGAL’, his sister then barely 2, could not stop screaming with joy .. she cuddled him and put protective arms about him .. sibling attention and care comes so naturally ..

That care remains ever .. particularly so in a daughter son sister brother  relationship .. it remains even till now ..

A short while ago as the clock spelt 12, the barfi cake arrived with a solitary candle to the singing of greetings by Shweta .. we four, Abhishek, Aishwarya, Shweta and I – Jaya being in Delhi for Parliament – sat about and wished and exchanged gifts and just languished our short time, before departing for bed and I to Blog .. another year has gone by .. and there is so much to do that has remained unfinished ..!!!”

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