“Alia is a self-made girl like Kangna is a self-made girl” Mahesh Bhatt

“Alia is a self-made girl like Kangna is a self-made girl” - Mahesh Bhatt

The sagacious Mahesh Bhatt in an exclusive with Bollywood Hungama’s Content Head Broadband Faridoon Shahryar spoke about the ugly public battle of words between Karan Johar and Kangna Ranaut. Bhatt Sahab spells out why it is very difficult for the star kids to make a mark in the movies.

Off late we are seeing a trend where may be there is different side of feminism which is becoming slightly aggressive whatever has happened with Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut. In a way you’re involved as well because she’s talking about nepotism and Alia is involved in it, Kangna started with you guys as well. How do you look at this aspect when you become too aggressive as a feminist, do you find it a bit odd?
Feminism is not a gender issue, it’s an ideological thing. I’ve seen women who are very anti-women and I’ve seen men who are very supportive of women. I would say it’s nothing to do with your gender. It’s something to do with your heart, mind. I do not know the context in which what Kangana said what she said. All I can say is she is a self-made woman and she has struggled hard. We were fortunate enough to give her a break in Gangster made by Anurag Basu. She is a very talented girl and has very much to be proud of. She has got a long innings ahead of her. I think she needs to be applauded. But if she has said something which may have provoked Karan to say what he said, it’s a matter they both need to resolve. I don’t see how the insiders of the industry can step in and resolve that space. That space is a space between both of them. It is a family quarrel which will die its natural death. We cannot be in the same industry and keep animosity for long time. It’s like an unpleasant curve that you negotiate with dignity and both of them are capable of resolving it and we as elders should not to do anything to fan that situation. Not because we are diplomatic and can’t take sides but whom do you take side against? Both are your own, left and right hand both are your own.

Sir, why I am talking about the nepotism part is because people say it’s easier for the star kids but the fact is that even star kids maybe have far more to prove in many ways. What Alia Bhatt has achieved, you never introduced her, you never produced her first film and you still haven’t. You may be doing Aashiqui 3 with her. What she has achieved is something which is fabulous. 
I don’t think that I would not like to believe that Kangana was remotely referring to Alia because Alia had to struggle hard because she had to audition for that role and I don’t think Karan was naïve enough to give Alia a role because we were not committed to each other as friends that we would harm our own company’s interest and promote somebody else’s child. In this business a father that cannot afford to give break to his own child unless the child has it in him. There are innumerable examples when parents have done that and eaten dust. Alia is a self-made girl like Kangana is a self-made girl. Yes, Kangana came from Shimla and her journey was more difficult journey but the journey from Juhu to the box-office peak is as tough. In fact the odds are against you because knives are out easier. The moment you are privileged knives are out easier because there is animosity of people which wants to tear you apart because you’re perceived to be privileged. But once the lights are off in cinema hall and images began to flicker no film maker has the power to make or break anybody. Fortunately the power lies with the people. It is the people who have no axe to grind write destiny of the stars, directors, writers. We can only give somebody an opportunity but the people will decide that the person will become a reigning star or would be ebbed out soon.

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