Akshay and Sonakshi would be closer in 3D Joker

Akshay Kumar & Sonakshi Sinha

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Akshay Kumar & Sonakshi SinhaGuess all the ‘conversions’ may just be passé in the New Year. Though Ra.One as well as Don 2 were ‘converted’ into 3D, the end result wasn’t quite enthralling. For audience that had been exposed to the likes of Avatar when it came to 3D entertainment, the whole conversion from 2D to 3D didn’t really cut the ice. However, if the makers of Joker – the biggest 3D film next year – are to believed, audience won’t have much to complain this time around.

“Shirish Kunder has given himself as many as nine months for the post production of Joker that would involve inclusion of VFX as well as getting the 3D effects bang on. Yes, this film too is basically going through a conversion, just as was the case in Ra.One and Don 2, but there is a difference. Decision to convert them into 3D for both the Shah Rukh Khan starrers was taken very late in the day; in fact much after they had been shot. On the other hand, Joker was announced as a 3D film since Shirish along with the film’s lead and co-producer, Akshay Kumar, wanted that from the start”, says a senior crew member.

This means that each and every frame of Joker was designed in such a manner that during the post production, the conversion from 2D into 3D brings in the right results. Those in the technical know-how of 3D would agree that for the best effects on the big screen, every shot should have a certain depth to it. While Ra.One and Don 2 didn’t necessarily have this luxury around the story boarding for 3D since the film had already been shot in a conventional manner, Shirish went through each and every frame and designed it well in advance so that he could play around with technical wizardry for the best 3D effects.

Says Shirish who has closely observed all major 3D movies released this year, including Bollywood’s own Ra.One, Don 2 as well as Haunted, “I shoot with wide angle lenses with full depth of field. This means that in every frame you can see full details for as long as your vision goes. Only if you capture full depth of field can you create various layers for 3D.”

He does add that while he is being aided by 3D technology this time around, that’s also his conventional way of shooting, case in point being his debut film Jaan-E-Mann where especially his well choreographed and picturised song, ‘Humko Maloom Hai‘, was noticed for this very aspect. “Yes, that’s my normal shooting style which also happens to be very 3D friendly”, he says, “I had shot Jaan-E-Mann also in wide angle which allowed me to capture scale and grandeur. In case of Joker, the visuals have only grown bigger.”

Well Shirish, while we would leave you with the technical details and wait for the final outcome on screen, in simpler terms it is apparent that for the ‘aam junta’ out here, Akshay and Sonakshi would be closer to them than Shah Rukh, Priyanka and Kareena were.

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