The Jagjit Singh concert to be organised on his birthday

The Jagjit Singh concert on Feb 8 on the occasion of the Ghazal maestro’s 71st birthday has earned the wholehearted approval of the Ghazal maestro’s wife. In fact, Sabbas Joseph of Wizcraft says the event organizers made sure to have her approval before organizing the concert in memoriam.

Says Sabbas, “We thought it was only right that we should get Chitraji’s blessings. This concert where some of our finest singers will pay a vocal tribute to Jagjit Saab is being done for no commercial purposes. Only out of everyone’s love for Jagjit Saab’s artistry. Just a day before he passed away, Jagjit Saab was supposed to attend the GIMA (Global Indian Music Academy Awards). He had called to tell us he was feeling unwell. And then he was no more. This concert in his memory couldn’t be done without Chitraji’s approval. When we visited Chitraji she gave us her wholehearted support and approval.”

Sabbas also adds that Chitra Singh is expected to be present to watch some of the biggest names in our music world from Ghulam Ali and Talat Aziz to Kavita Krishnamurthy and L. Subramaniam sing Jagjit’s numbers.

“As of now Chitraji is expected to attend the concert,” said Sabbas Joseph. However, when contacted Chitra Singh sounded extremely cut off from the event. “I’ve nothing to do with it. Please speak to Wizcraft. I am in no way involved.”

Baffling, to say the least.

In spite of her initial approval of the Jagjit Singh charity concert being organized by Wizcraft on his 71st birth anniversary on Feb 8, the Ghazal maestro’s widow Chitra Singh very curtly informs us that she has nothing to do with the concert.

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