These Bollywood celebrities have spoken in support of Hrithik Roshan in the Hrithik – Kangana controversy


The Hrithik Roshan – Kangana Ranaut controversy that broke out in March 2016 witnessed a new twist a day ago as the actor broke his silence for the first time and shared his side of the story. While last year there were many reports about the actor filing an FIR with the Cyber Crime cell over an impostor sending mails to Kangana etc, the scandal had soon died down. But it was reignited by the actress this year a couple of months ago when she kick started the promotions of her film Simran.

Hrithik Roshan who shared his statement a day ago on social media not only questioned Kangana Ranaut’s claims about an alleged affair between the two but also asked questions about how paparazzi or anyone for that matter did not find any evidences of the affair like pictures or memento anywhere. The actor also clearly asserted that he decided to break his silence because he did not want his kids to suffer in this injustice.

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt responded to a post saying, “Hrithik is a shy person, he cannot hack anyone’s account.”

Farah Khan in a statement said, “I’m really happy that he’s done that, I think its high time that he addressed the issue. This is because I know Hrithik for almost 18 years now. He was very young when we did Kaho Na Pyaar Hai together, I’ve seen him since then and I know him to be really honest and a person of integrity. And I do know his family really well. My kids study in the same school as his and he is a great father. He’s there for every PTA, for every annual day. So if he claims something, I don’t think it can be taken frivolously. There has to be seriousness and depth in what he’s saying. So I’m happy that he’s finally taken this step because I’ve been a feminist before the word was invented and I truly believe in gender equality and I feel in this case I was appalled because the only thing is that if a man had done this or spoken like this or had tweeted like this he would be behind bars right now. I’m glad and it’s high time he did this. The truth for him is very important because it’s complete character destruction of somebody. People always want to just believe the worst of anybody. So it’s high time he provided whatever he has I’m glad that he has.”

Vishal Dadlani reposted the statement as he also said, “1. I said “If what he says in his blog is true, this is harassment.” 2. I also said it’s the police’s job to ask for proof of allegations.”

Writer Apurva Asrani tweeted, “As a man who has suffered psychotic behaviour in the guise of feminism, I unequivocally stand with #HrithikRoshan.”

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