Padmavati Row: Deepika Padukone trolled for saying that ‘we have regressed as a nation’

Deepika Padukone trolled for saying that

The protests against Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period action film Padmavati is growing day by day. It actually started in January this year when Sanjay Leela Bhansali was attacked by members of Rajput Karni Sena on charges that the filmmaker is distorting Rajput history. They also alleged that the film has an intimate sequence between Alauddin Khilji, played by Ranveer Singh and Padmavati, essayed by Deepika Padukone. Sanjay Leela Bhansali at that point had clarified that no such scene exists in the film. However, the protests subsided only for the time being. With the film all set to release in around two weeks, the protests have re-intensified.

The lead actress of this film, Deepika Padukone is obviously irked with these controversies. She made an extreme statement to the IANS on this issue. She said, “Where have we reached as a nation? We have regressed. The only people we are answerable to is the censor board, and I know and I believe that nothing can stop the release of this film.”

Deepika Padukone claiming that India has regressed however irked a lot of people. On Twitter, many came out to express their reservations on this viewpoint of Deepika and even trolled her.

One more joins the flock of the Intolerant gang as Deepika Padukone states that ‘We have regressed as a nation’. #Won‘tWatchPadmavati

— Gita S. Kapoor (@GitaSKapoor) November 14, 2017

Deepika Padukone states we have regressed as a Nation. When XTian community protested against Da Vinci Code was it regression or progression.

— Savio Rodrigues ???????? (@PrinceArihan) November 14, 2017

Foolish Deepika – shd keep out of this mess OR just do like madhuri
Speak much w/o saying anything really
She does not seem2be fathoming the magnitude of charisma-the word/image “padmavati” resounds in hindu mind
For her it might just be a character

— Nitin Joshi (@duramount) November 14, 2017

Deepika Padukone should not have named her Character #Padmavati , then do all naach gaana she wants to do in mehfil.

Don’t disrespect those who sacrificed to make money.

— Ishkaran S. Bhandari (@Ish_Bhandari) November 14, 2017

Just because there is oppn to her movie Padmavati–Deepika says country regressed–wht an arrogance/wht a semi -literate/tell me your money source -will tell who is regressed:))))) RT

— RVAIDYA2000 (@rvaidya2000) November 14, 2017

#deepikavssena India has not regressed, Deepika has regressed in her greed for Dawood’s dirty money… we want to know source of funds of Bhansali movies

— Doppy (@Hoohahheehaw) November 14, 2017

Padmavati is all set to release on December 1.

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