The love story of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput – 5 Quotes that will showcase their bond better than anything else

It came as a surprise when a so-called Casanova of Bollywood Shahid Kapoor decided to settle down in an arranged marriage set-up. Ever since then, audiences were curious to know about the actor’s story and most importantly, they wanted to know more about a certain Mira Rajput who until then was just another free-spirited girl living in Delhi with her parents.

But when she made her first public appearance sharing the couch with her hubby Shahid Kapoor on Koffee With Karan, the audiences got a glimpse of the stunner that Mira is. Not just that, they got a deeper insight into the love that brought together the two completely different worlds called Shahid and Mira in a bond called marriage.

Mira Rajput did a candid interview along with husband Shahid Kapoor for the magazine Hello! and we are sure you will know more about their love from this. If you don’t believe us, these 5 quotes given by Mira Rajput about their marriage will reinstate your belief in the institution of marriage again.

1. When they are uninhibited to show their love in front of people…
“I think if you are comfortable with each other, you can be yourselves anywhere. I think sometimes Shahid and I really make other people uncomfortable with our PDA but I don’t think others bother us, really.”

2. When Mira revealed that her pregnancy made their marital bond stronger
“Shahid was by my side every single day. He was my strength, he had to go for IFFA for two days and I was miserable and I thought to myself and even told myself that ‘Shahid, I never thought that I would feel this so soon and I am miserable without you, I feel I am nothing… I feel so alone.”

3. When she fell in love with Raja Rawal Ratan Singh after Aditya Kashyap
“I think my favourite movie of his before we met, was Jab We Met. It’s a classic in Indian cinema now. But presently, I have to say without a doubt, playing a period role like he does in Padmavati [Padmaavat] is something he has never done before. People are going to wonder… is this Shahid at all?”

4. When she was the understanding and secure wife despite not being from the industry

“I think whether it’s a man or a woman being thrown into passionate scenes. It’s about their partner being comfortable with it. Shahid and I are extremely clear about our boundaries. It’s not like I haven’t seen him in films where romance is central… Rangoon happened and it was very much when we were married. But I knew its work. It’s consequential. You can’t for example marry a pilot and say I don’t want you to fly over Malaysia because MH17 crashed there!”

5. When she showed us how the relationship looks like when two different worlds collide
“It’s extremely 50:50 and it started that way. Yes we both are sounding boards to each other. Obviously, he is working and there is a lot more he has been exposed to, there are so many more decisions that he must take even at work day by day. But we do discuss it all, and I think he does appreciate and value my opinion because it’s different, I am an outsider, I am the audience in the relationship, and he is the star.”

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