Richa Chadda Lambasts fake nationalists; claims to be an angry patriot (watch video)

Richa Chadda is one firebrand of an actress who is known to speak her mind, not caring about maintaining her image as goody-two-shoes in Bollywood. While she is awaiting her next: 3 Storeys, she spoke exclusively with Bollywood Hungama about films and the current controversy she has been embroiled in. For the uninitiated, Richa called RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat a fake nationalist for claiming that RSS swayansevaks are more efficient than the Indian Defence Services.

Exclsuvie: Richa Chadda LAMBASTS fake nationalists; claims to be an angry patriot (watch video)

Bhagwat’s statement was with regard to workers at Zila school ground on the last day of his six-day visit of Muzaffarpur. He had said that RSS can raise an army in three days, thus belittling efforts of Indian Army and calling them undisciplined. Richa took to Twitter to share her grouse. She said, “By criticising the Indian Army, Mr Bhagwat has exposed himself. What can one expect anyway from the leader of an organisation that didn’t participate in the freedom struggle but brags about being a militant organisation? This farzi and tacky ‘nationalism’ needs to go pronto.”

She was lambasted for speaking her mind and a Twitter user called her a blond with a low IQ to which she said, “Yo Pawan, flattered you’re trying to troll me over my opinion. As someone who’s family fought the wars in 1961, 65 and 71,I find it disrespectful to the training the Army puts in. Your statement is also offensive to blonde women perhaps. Happy to have n IQ face off anytime.”

Richa spoke to us about the controversy and said, “If you really want to, join the army. Why belittle the army? Use your energies there, serve the army. Why do we need third person to discipline the army?” She further opined,” No one gets a right to hijack nationalism. You are patriot. I am patriot. I would rather be an angry patriot than a fake nationalist. “

She also then spoke about the issue of love jihaad and said that it is the right given to people by constitution. It is scary for law and order of the country if such issues continue to crop up. Watch full video below.

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