Parmanu legal battle: John Abraham wants to take matters in his own hands after HC gives ultimatum

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The legal battle over the release of Parmanu – The Story of Pokhran is getting murkier by the day. Despite the smooth release of the teaser trailer, the announcement of Parmanu releasing on May 25 continues to be hazy. Unfortunately, the case between KriArj Entertainment and JA Entertainment has not yet ended with KriArj yet again failing to abide by the conditions. So now, John Abraham has reportedly decided to take matter in his own hands.

Parmanu legal battle: John Abraham wants to take matters in his own hands after HC gives ultimatum

Two days ago, we had reported that KriArj Entertainment has failed to pay Rs. 5.65 crores that they owed to JA Entertainment because of which they were dragged to court. Followed by the same, reports have it that John Abraham has decided to pay it along with the help two other producers, Zee Studios and Pooja Films. Apparently, the actor has decided to split the money in three and he will be later taking a cut from the earnings of the film post its release as his remuneration.

John Abraham decided to act on it after the Bombay High Court intervened in the matter and gave an ultimatum of May 10 to sort out issues. In order to ensure that the film maintains its release date of May 25, the court has fast-tracked the case. While it has asked Prernaa Arora and the others of KriArj to submit the affidavits disclosing their bank account and asset details, the court has also ordered the stake holders of Parmanu to find an amicable solution by May 10 that is agreeable to all parties.

It is a known fact that the Parmanu – The Story of Pokhran case started due to terms of recoupment. The court, during its last hearing, has also directed the producers to arrive at a solution. If not, it has asserted its intervention in the matter wherein it will also be deciding on the costs to be incurred according to the liability of each stakeholder.

On the other hand, sources from JA Entertainment have been quoted in reports that the production house is willing to expend the cost and would recover the same from revenues. Considering that the matter has been adjourned for tomorrow, that is May 10, it is yet to be seen if everyone will give consent to the same.

As for KriArj Entertainment, they have been accused of breach of consent terms. As of now, the other three production houses continue their discussion about the solution to release Parmanu – The Story of Pokhran on May 25. But the matter is far from being resolved as it is being said that there is no clear resolution right now.

Hopes are riding high on the judgement that has been scheduled on May 10. The parties involved are expected to arrive at a consensus and there are chances of new consent terms coming into play. However, if that fails to happen, the court has agreed to decide on the terms of recoupment.

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