Jiah Khan Case – Dupatta and track pant worn by the actress on the day of her death goes Missing

Well, the sudden turn of events has taken a new route in the Jiah Khan case. Readers may recall that the Ghajini actress is said to have committed suicide at her residence five years ago. Mother Rabiya Khan continues her battle with the Indian legal system wherein she has been asserting that it wasn’t a suicide but a murder. The new twist in the case is that the dupatta and the track suit worn by Jiah Khan on the day of her death have now gone missing and the blame game continues.

Jiah Khan Case – Dupatta and track pant worn by the actress on the day of her death goes MISSING

In recent reports, it seems that the Juhu police station, and the CBI have been caught in a quandary considering that the dupatta, which forms the crucial part of the investigation has gone missing. The said piece of cloth in question was actually the prime evidence which was used by Jiah for allegedly committing suicide. Judge Surekha Patil of the Sessions court seem to have summoned the CBI and the Juhu police officials to further investigate the case after she derided them for failing to submit the dupatta and also the tracksuit.

The said tracksuit too was an important piece of evidence since it was used by Jiah Khan a few minutes before the suicide. The Juhu police station has reportedly claimed that they had taken the dupatta after it was submitted to the Forensics Science Laboratory (FSL) in Kalina for further investigation. After the same, the police officials have asserted that they had submitted it in sealed envelopes to the court way back in 2015.

On the other hand, the CBI officials have alleged that despite their constant efforts to contact FSL for investigating the dupatta, they have never received any response from them. The FSL, too, has defended itself with a scientist explaining in reports about their process. The said scientist from FSL has described that after analysis the exhibits given by the official, they are asked to hand over the same to the police station where the case is registered and not to any other agency [pointing at the CBI perusal of the dupatta].

The FSL has also clearly taken a stand confirming that they do not possess any exhibits from the 2013 Jiah Khan suicide case and has also added that they are not aware of the findings of the dupatta. K Y Kulkarni from FSL, Kalina has mentioned in reports that only the scientist who has worked on the case would be aware of the same and not them. He also confirmed that some scientists from the biological department were summoned by the court in the case and that they have made the required submissions.

As for the Juhu police officials, they have maintained reportedly that they are yet to receive their summoning orders from the court and refused to divulge any further details adding that the matter is under sub-judice.

Coming to the Jiah Khan case, the next hearing has been scheduled for November 28 wherein the CBI and the police officials will be questioned about the missing dupatta and track suit. The missing evidence are reportedly said to be the key elements that will decide the charges being levelled against Sooraj Pancholi which is abetment to suicide. The lawyer Swapnil Ambure has questioned the court’s decision after the missing dupatta asking how they could file charges under section 306 [abetment] without the most important evidence in place.

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