Vikram Bhatt comes out in support of Rajkumar Hirani, says we should wait for justice to prevail on the #MeToo situation

Vikram Bhatt recently released his latest column regarding one of the most talked about trends, #MeToo. The director came out in support of Rajkumar Hirani who was accused of sexual harassment by one of the crew members of Sanju.

Vikram Bhatt comes out in support of Rajkumar Hirani, says we should wait for justice to prevail on the #MeToo situation

The female crew member claimed that the director had molested her for over a period of 6 months. Although Hirani has not been proven guilty yet, the social media has seemed to put him on a trail. Vikram, in his column, puts forth valid justifications regarding the allegation. Vikram writes in his Facebook post, “In a #MeToo situation you are required to fully support and under no circumstances disregard the lady in question for whatever she is saying. I agree. We must take on board what she is saying and make sure that justice prevails. And yet, let us not forget that everyone is innocent until he or she is proven guilty. I cannot understand what is the hurry to put Mr. Hirani in the Shame Slammer? Can we not wait for justice to prevail?”

The director further added, “…is it not possible that a lady has some score to settle with a man? Is it not possible that the lady is under the influence of some other? Is it not possible that it could be a relationship that went south?” So as to not come out as insensitive, Bhatt also pointed out the trauma a woman goes through and the effect sexual harassment has on a victim. He clearly mentioned that Hirani has not had a single accusation against him in his extensive career.

Vikram Bhatt concluded the column by saying, “I shall await the truth and till the committees in question do not tell us one way or the other, I choose to respect the lady in question but I also choose to respect Raju Hirani for the man I know he is, I choose to respect his body of work and I choose to respect him for where he has gotten in life. An accusation will not make him a molester in my eyes, the findings of the justice system might.”

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