Sridevi’s first death anniversary a muted affair

Boney Kapoor has still not gotten over his iconic Sridevi’s sudden death in Dubai on February 23. A year later, Boney is still in a state of numbed disbelief. A close friend of Boney’s says the wound is still very raw. “Boney is still hurting. He still bursts into tears at the drop of a hat. He spends a lot of time with his daughters trying to be both a mother and father to them. Parenting is the only solace he has.”

Sridevi’s first death anniversary a muted affair

Apparently Boney doesn’t touch a drop of alcohol, as he fears this indulgence would drop him in the never-ending well of self-pity and guilt. “Boney still feels he could have saved Sridevi somehow if he had been there in Dubai with her when the death happened. It won’t be possible for him to move on because without Sridevi he is lost, just like Shashi Kapoor after his wife Jennifer passed away. Thankfully, Boney’s children are with him. They share the burden of his grief. But they can’t lessen the pain,” says Boney’s friend.

Speaking of Shashi Kapoor, I do hope Boney doesn’t let go of his eating regimen just because his wife is no more on the alert. “No that is not possible, as Boney’s food habits are being controlled by his daughters. It is widely believed that Boney looked after Srideviji. But the truth was the other way around. Srideviji took care of Boney, from his clothes and food to his social engagements,” reveals the friend.

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