When Emraan Hashmi used bad words for Shah Rukh Khan and later regretted it

Last year, Emraan Hashmi appeared in the Netflix web series Bard of Blood, produced by Shah Rukh Khan. The series received lukewarm reviews. But Emraan will probably remember it for having to 'insult' Shah Rukh, although the insult was scripted!

It so happened that the two needed to shoot for a promotional video. It was released before the show's trailer hit the internet. Emraan, who is known as a soft-spoken man in real life, had to use terms like 'Dabba' and 'Dhakkan' for SRK, and then put a cloth bag on his head! Later, in an interview, he revealed that he really felt bad for having to use such words for the superstar. He also added that he had grown up watching SRK's films, and hence, it was embarrasing for him to do all that to SRK, even though it was all for professional reasons.

Emraan also added that SRK has had a profound impact on him as an artist, and also as a person.

Workwise, the actor was last seen in Jeethu Joseph's thriller The Body, co-starring late Rishi Kapoor.

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