Sonu Sood on why he sent a tractor to Andhra girls

It all started when Sonu Sood the messiah of the masses, saw a visual of two young girls in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh ploughing their land. Says Sonu, “This was not what these girls should be doing. They should be going to college. I first thought of sending them two oxen. Then I decided to send them a tractor instead.”

Their response? Says Sonu, “They were very happy. Their father was in tears, he said he wants to touch my feet. He had no words to thank him, and really, I didn’t need any words. He said, ‘Till a few hours ago we had nothing. Now we have a tractor and our life has changed.”

Sonu says he saw their plight on Saturday and promised to have the tractor at their doorstep the next day. “It was Sunday the next day. But I managed it somehow. It is God’s Grace that I’m able to do these things. Some power above is guiding me,” says Sonu.

In the meanwhile, the power below, Andhra’s Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has lauded Sonu’s endeavour.

Sonu says he has a deep connection with Andhra Pradesh. “I owe a big debt to Andhra for my career which took off in a big way in Telugu cinema. If I am able to pay some of that debt back I’m grateful for that opportunity.”

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