“I was pumping my asthma inhaler while doing the fittings for 14 dogs,” reveals Masaba Gupta

Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta who is a popular name in the Hindi film industry is coming up with a Netflix series inspired by her life. The trailer of the series which was released a few weeks ago has received positive response. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Hungama, Masaba Gupta spoke about her journey in the fashion industry and recalled the time she had to design for dogs.

EXCLUSIVE: Masaba Gupta recalls the time she had to design outfits for 14 dogs

In the trailer of the series Masaba Masaba, there is a scene where Masaba is asked to design outfits for dogs. When asked if this ever happened in real life, the designer said, “This actually happened on a film set. I was styling for a movie and they said ‘There are 14 dogs coming in tomorrow, so we need outfits for them’ . I told them that you signed me to make clothes for the lead actor and actress but then they said 'no you will make for dogs and the extras also'. It was a very awful experience. These 14 dogs came on to the set in one room and I had to do fittings for them and I am allergic to dogs by the way. I had my asthma inhaler. I was pumping it and doing the fittings for the dogs. So, that was quite an exciting experience.”

Talking further about her experience in the fashion industry, Masaba said, “It has been my whole world. I was in fashion since I was 19. At a very young age I was exposed to what the fashion industry is about. But I have to say, I have been treated very kindly. I have been given opportunities in fashion basis my work and based on how good or bad it is. So luckily there was no favouritism there or anything of that sort. So I love that. I just think that at some level, there are fake people in every industry. I play along, so when someone gives me a fake compliment, I give one right back. That is something I have learned to do. I am a real person, I am an honest person otherwise. When I go anywhere near the fashion industry, I have an alter ego that switches on and I just use that. So I think sometimes you should do that. But every industry needs all kinds of people as the industry is made of it. But yes, I have been treated very kindly and I have been the baby of the industry for a long time. But I have grown since and no longer am the baby. But it has been a great journey.”


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