“I feel like choreographers are not credited enough”- Sandeepa Dhar talks all things dance on International Dance Day

No festival or celebration in India is complete without dance and song sequences. The Indian film industry plays a big role in enhancing the song and dance culture. Today, on the occasion of International Dance Day, Bollywood Hungama spoke to actor-dancer Sandeepa Dhar about her passion for dance and what it is like to be a part of the industry that has a rich dance culture and has over the years created its own brand of dance- Bollywood.

EXCLUSIVE: “I feel like choreographers are not credited enough”- Sandeepa Dhar talks all things dance on International Dance Day

Sandeepa Dhar has been dancing ever since she was a toddler and is also trained in Bharatanatyam. She credits dance for helping her be disciplined, cent red and self-aware. When asked how dance has helped her find solace during these tough times, Sandeepa said, “I feel like dance has been my saviour. In times of negativity, sadness, anger, joy, ups and downs and everything, it’s what has kept me sane. It has kept me balanced, because music and movement are two things which scientifically also helps you release a lot of hormones. A lot of sadness and negativity gets out of your body. You sweat it out basically. Sometimes, it can also help you come to terms with your own self and make you more aware of your own feelings.”

When it comes to the film industry, choreographers are often not credited as much as they deserve. Sandeepa, too, stresses on it and spoke about one choreographer who never fails to amaze her with his talent. “I feel like choreographers are not credited enough. I feel technicians are not credited enough. When something goes well you credit actors for it. When something doesn't do well, you also blame actors for it. If I had to pick one choreographer from the industry and give them a shout out for their talent, it would definitely be Ganesh Hegde. I think he was the game changer in our industry. I feel really sad that I don't see him doing enough. He is mind-blowing. He does a lot of stage shows; he doesn't do that many films anymore which is unfortunate. I am a huge fan. I think he is one of the most amazingly talented choreographers out there because he is way ahead of his time. The way his musicality is, the way he visualizes and conceptualises is amazing.”

Sandeepa is also a fan of Prabhu Dheva who has always managed to hit the roof with his choreography. “Every time I watch something that Prabhu Dheva has choreographed, it blows my mind. Even now when I watch 'Main Aisa Kyu Hoon', it blows my mind because the way he's choreographed it, the musicality, and the visualisation, all of that it's just fantastic. His moves are always so unique, you'd have never seen them before, it's very tough, it looks very easy but it is very tough. The way Hrithik performed on that song is bloody amazing.”

Talking about Hrithik, Sandeepa also expressed her desire to dance with the actor someday. “I am a huge fan. I think Hrithik is super amazing. The best dancer we have in our country hands down. So talented, so good looking. He can act and dance. He is fantastic and I always wanted to work with him. Fingers crossed, I will get an opportunity to dance with him or be with him on screen sometime soon. I think I have put out the word into the universe.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Sandeepa will next be seen in the series Chattis Aur Maina which was announced recently. While the recent trends have shown that films and series made for digital are devoid of the dance and song sequence. However, Chattis Aur Maina will have a lot of dance and song sequences. “Chattis Aur Maina is a song and dance based series where I am playing a dancer and I have done a lot of dancing in it. So maybe, that is the change waiting to happen and Hotstar has taken the trouble of being the pioneer in changing what you are supposing had taken a backseat. Now, they have become the leaders in showing to the world, even in the digital space we can have song and dance and storytelling together.”

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