Mayuri Deshmukh on why she finds it thrilling to embody different characters

While millions of people out there aspire to be a part of the industry, the acting profession is one of the prestigious jobs amongst all. The profession requires a lot of dedication, passion, perseverance to get into and sustain, here's actress Mayuri Deshmukh who spoke about her love for the craft and why she enjoys living different personalities through all the vivid characters she has played till date.

Actress Mayuri Deshmukh on why she finds it thrilling to embody different characters

Mayuri shares,"Firstly, I think it is a thrill to embody another character and try and live in somebody else's shoes. In that way, you empathize with some other character. Playing and being some other person just gives me a high! Fortunately, my work and field reward me in the form of love from my audiences so I am very high on vibes. I am generating good vibes through my work that is the feeling that I love and adore. Through my work and through my being I can touch and affect people's life is also very rewarding. There are a lot of things why I love being an actress. Initially, it was about the medium and understanding the craft more there is no other high through which you can touch people's lives".

On the professional front, the actress is currently winning hearts as Malini in the Star Plus show 'Imlie'. The actress who's been acting since 2011 has earned the tag of 'The Undisputed Star Of Marathi Cinema' through the versatile roles she has played to date.

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