Aamir Khan Wearing Skirt

We had to giggle when we saw this image, however the Khan’s style is, as usually, impeccable!
Males in skirts…well, that’s becoming a style statement nowadays, what having a Mumbai-based artist – male – becoming noticed in them, a nicely recognized style designer preferring them along with a entire group of young males in Bangalore lately noticed within the generally feminine garment as a symbol of assistance to a woman’s correct to put on what she desires, be who she is, physical exercise her rights, and be secure in her city. Whether or not that final type of solidarity in protest worked or not, we do not know, but what we do know is the fact that nobody does it fairly like Aamir Khan, as usually.

We discovered a sneak peek from the star-actor’s appear in P.K., his new film with Rajkumar Hirani, co-starring Anushka Sharma. Someplace along the line we heard that she plays an alcoholic, then we had been told that no, he acts out that function, and then…oh, neglect it, whoever the drunk is we do not care.

What we liked was the casual, all-natural, almost-normal way in which Aamir strides along wearing his maxi-skirt. It appears like a Masaba Gupta style, but could even be a gypsy skirt from any Lambada wardrobe. The vibrant sunny yellow, the pink border, the generous pleats – hey, give it to our style gal and she will probably be extremely pleased to swish about. Maybe we wouldn’t select the buttoned-up shirt and pale jacket, or these long-toes footwear, but if anybody can carry this 1 off with panache, it’s aamcha Aamir. And it leaves us questioning what this film is all about!

We like Aamir’s new style statement. Do you?

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