Actress Sshakshi Chovan faints while shooting for a Tamil film

Actress Sshakshi Chovan who was shooting for a Tamil film in Hyderabad last week fainted due to the very hot weather and the unbearable heat. Sshakshi was shooting from morning 8 am without a break in the open and was very tired and dehydrated. The weather was very hot and the blazing sun was simply unbearable.

Sshakshi had to shoot some action scenes which were outdoor. As the production house was trying to wrap up the project by the weekend, they decided to shoot non-stop without any break and finish the scene  on the same day itself. Due to the strong heat, Sshakshi fainted and was rushed to a  clinic about 15 kilometers away. However the gusty actress was back on the sets within two hours and back to her rigorous and grueling schedule.

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