Tahir Shah’s Song ‘Eye To Eye’ Is A Total Madness

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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You may love it or you may hate it, but you can’t stop talking about Tahir Shah’s latest shocking song ‘Eye to Eye’ that has gone viral like crazy on social networking sites.

Tahir Shah’s Song ‘Eye To Eye’ seems an extreme self-obsession in which he is striving to compel listeners with a romantic message that love is transferred in souls through eyes and eyes are the only window open to love. The song was released two months before and now it has spread like fire on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Television media of Pakistan.

In the song, Tahir Shah has referred to his “bride” by calling her that your eyes and my eyes are sensual, sensational, colorful, fabulous, exciting, fair, glorious, spectrum, glowing, sparkling, simple, charming, dreaming, fairies, stylish, excellent, human, spectacular, beautiful, precious, wonderful, gorgeous, emotional, happy, lovely, full of life…in fact he has used all the vocabulary to show the connection between his and his bride’s eyes, yet no bride is seen there in the song except the Tahir Shah himself appearing in two avatars one white and one black.

After watching the video, you may press your ears tightly and cannot come out of the trance so easily.

Tahir Shah owns the credit for the vibrant success of the song ‘Eye To Eye’ and is the only creator with nobody else being partner.  Tahir Shah himself has produced, directed, written, acted and sung the song ‘Eye To Eye’.

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  1. I am not sure how many time you would have listened this song to catch the used vocabulary…. but I am flabbergasted… You are still Alive 😆 …..

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