Waar: Still The Best Movie, Dhoom 3 Has No Comparison

Dhoom 3 has just crossed 100 crore barrier. Afterreading this news i was just doing hypothetical analysis of Dhoom 3 and Pakistani block buster WAAR. Without prejudice just think Dhoom 3 has been released on 4500 screens all over India concurrently and it is expected to make 300 Crores all over India maximum. Now just imagine if WAAR would have been released in same way and on same scale on 4500 screens then what could be the stats.

Suppose if WAAR would have been released on 4500 screens simultaneously then just multiply 3585143 PKR with 4500. The result will be 16133144179 PKR means WAAR could earn 16 Billion PKR on box office. Waar is still the best movie made in the history of Pakistan. Technically Waar made above average business when compared to other Bollywood movies. However, for a Pakistani movie it has done very good. When compared to any other Pakistani releases such as BOL and Khuda Kay Liye it has done very exceptional business. WAAR breaks records in its first week of 3 movies in Dubai ishaq Zaade, Yamla Pagla Deewana and Gori Tere Pyar Mey. 

The famous actor Shan shahid said. 

Pakistan, like India has a right to make patriotic films. India has been making films bashing Pakistan but when a Pakistani wants to be patriotic, the whole world has problem with it. Indian movies in the past and still reveal Pakistan accountable for the terrorist activities across the world, why can’t Pakistani fill producers take a plunge by showcasing who is at the back of all this. 

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  1. In Cinema there is no ifs and buts, this article is based on nothing but hypothetical statistics so let’s suppose if Dhoom3 would have been released on the scale of Hollywood’s biggest release Avatar then what could be the BO figures of Dhoom3, the reply is simply lol, I really do not understand that why do we start comparing our local cinema market with international ones, we have a long way to go n go and we doing great so lets stick to the path with full of concentration despite of looking here or there

  2. This piece is more of an elaborate opinion, than an actual article. You u should write such stuff under the comments section on Youtube bro. Maybe you’ll get more attention there.

  3. If waar will release in 4500 theaters in India then who will come to fill empty theaters because only Pakistanis are watching this movie and India will not issue visa to them..and Waar is also performing badly in UAE with empty halls.

  4. Waar is definitely the best movie ever. I gave up seeing action movies in 1998 but this movie literally showed me the perfection and talent that Pakistani cinema has produced. Moreover, the movie does not take any support from fictional love scenes in order to keep the audience occupied and interested, the movie is based on reality and that is enough to keep you glued. I love the directors work and the music is AWESOME. Saw the movie already twice and now going to see it for third time in this week.

    Hats off to Pakistani cinema

  5. I think the WAAR critics are fanatics. I am a big fan of HOLLYWOOD and not of that Bollywood. WAAR is exceptional in every way. Take any scene for example it is also most complete in revery respect. This is a kind of movie that every time you watch it grasp your mind more and more (But if u r mindless then ………) sorry then you will compare it with Dhoom 3 like movie. Come on guys WAAR is nothing like anything to Dhoom 3. Dhoom 3 is totally a masala film with semi-nudity and then the acting scale, cinematography, aesthetics, background music of waar is just sopt on.

    I will compare it with Holly wood. not with some kind of crap with Bollywood.

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