Kill The Rapist cleared by Censors

After a prolonged three month exercise, producer Siddhartha M Jain of iRock Films and director Sanjay Chhel are finally heaving a sigh of relief. Their hard hitting film Kill The Rapist has been cleared by the Censor board. The film would arrive with an 'A' certificate with only one minute of footage being chopped off from the final cut.

"When the film was first screened for the Board, they were shocked due to its hard hitting content. Since the film deals with the plight of a young woman and her tryst with a rapist who stalks her, before she finally decides to take him to task, it was but natural for Kill The Rapist to carry explicit, violent and brutal content. Moreover, there were quite a few cuss words interspersed in the narrative as well," informs a source.

The signs were there when the film's First Look was out and once the entire film was on display, members of the Censor board saw red. Surprisingly, the ones who were far more vocal in expressing their displeasure were male members of the Board, though womenfolk were relatively tolerant to begin with.

"Not that anyone had objections with the intent behind the film's visuals," the source adds, "However Censor Board members were worried if it would be too gruesome for consumption of a regular viewer. Siddhartha and Sanjay argued that a film like Kill The Rapist couldn't be sugar coated to give it a 'lighter' appeal and the best impact would be made only if things were narrated as-is. Moreover, they felt that the film was designed to act as a deterrent for men who would think many times before even thinking of committing this heinous crime."

It wasn't an open and shut case though as the Censors took one thing at a time. Eventually, after initially suggesting a series of cuts lasting eight minutes, they finally came down to small cuts that lasted a total of one minute.

Sanjay Chhel, who has waited patiently for his film to hit the screens, is relieved too. "Ideally, I would have wanted my entire footage to remain as there is nothing sleazy about it. It is futile to present sexual violence any differently. I have made light hearted films before and I know that world. Now that I have taken a hard hitting route with Kill The Rapist, I have to be honest in that too."

"We have accepted this suggestion and now have a Censor certificate with us. It took us three months but then it was worth it. It also shows the maturity of Censor Board and also the fact that they are much more tolerant than ever before," says Siddhartha, "We would now be putting together our promotional and marketing plan. The film should ideally release this Summer."

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