Ronit beefs up for Subhash Kapoors film

In Subhash Kapoor's Guddu Rangeela, Ronit plays an out and out villain, a man so despicable he makes Gabbar Singh look like a cartoon character.

"He is a far more powerful villain than the one I played in Boss. He is much larger much more powerful," reveals Rohit.

The actor plays the head of the Khaap panchayat.

Ronit says hehas to beef up considerably for his part. "There is a lot of preparation required since I play a head of the Khaap panchayat. I've tried to understand why he behaves the way he does. I like to create a back history even for villainous characters. In Boss I built this past history for my character where as a child he might have burnt his parents' alive because they deprived him of a particular toy."

Since the villain in Guddu Rangeela is a Haryanvi, Ronit is working on his accent and on a beefed-up physique. With Guddu Rangeela's actor Amit Sadh home-bound with a fractured leg Ronit has two extra weeks to prepare.

Ronit doesn't think the Khaap panchayat is evil. "If you examine their rationale they are not all trouble makers.They do a lot of good things or society. In their minds they are the upholder of traditions."

Ronit says he's game for a villainous role only when it's something out of the ordinary. "In Vikramaditya Motwane's Udaan the father seemed like a drunken brute. But he had his own reason for behaving the way he did with his son. He wanted to make something out of his life. Sometimes people who appear overly aggressive are actually trying to do the right thing," says Ronit.

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