Moammar Rana Hair loss leads Him Taking Break from Acting

Moammar Rana

Moammar Rana

Pakistan’s most well-known and dashing actor Moammar Rana (Momi) take a little break from acting and modeling due to hair loss. Multi hairless portionshave appeared in the actor’s scalp and according to the doctors, Moammar Rana conditions has also affected his facial hair.  He is not signing new television dramasproject because he needs little rest to take care of his hair and escape from massive hair loss.

Moammar’s doctor told him to continue with thetreatment without any gaps. Upon the advice given by Moammar’s doctor, he has decided to take a little break from acting and modeling. Now the actor is busy with his hair transplant surgery from International Laser Hair Transplant Surgery Center Lahore. Moammar Ranacontinuous agitation and dismay of losing value and admiration among its fans and followers, he made adecision to deal with the problem with a hairtransplantation surgery.

Momi stepped foot in the film industry in the late 90s and quickly rose to fame. He has played the lead role in several Lollywood films. Under the directorship of Syed Noor, Momi starred in blockbuster film Choorian (1998), which grossed over 200 million back then and sustained the record of the highest-grossing film in Pakistan until Waar was released in 2013.

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