Theres something very suspicious about the Maggi controversy – R Balki

R. Balki who has directed any number of ads with some of the biggest celebrities of Bollywood thinks the current campaign against a noodle brand and its ambassador Madhuri Dixit is highly suspicious.

"As far as I know, Maggi has been in the market as a prime food item for many decades. We've grown up on the Maggi culture. How come it has suddenly become so controversial? Why was it found to be so harmful all of sudden when it has been in the market for nearly 40 years?" questions Balki, and gives the company Nestle and its celebrity models a clean chit.

"Nestle has a long-held reputation for delivering impeccable food products. This sudden campaign to discredit the multinational seems highly motivated. As for blaming the models, it is totally unfair. The models are not scientists who can analyze the ingredients in a product they endorse. Madhuri would have never imagined it would come to this."

As a leading ad maker what precautions does Balki hope to exercise after this controversy?

"None, none at all! There is nothing that can be done to ensure we only work on products with fully verifiable content," says Balki.

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