After Bombay Velvet Rishi Kapoor gives a pep talk to Ranbir

Bombay Velvet is the kind of crippling disaster that is bound to stymie any actor's career. Ranbir Kapoor is saddened by the setback, but far from defeated.

Says his pragmatic dad Rishi Kapoor, "We did speak about it. I have only one piece of advice for my son, 'Don't let success go to your head, and failure to your heart.' In his brief career so far he has seen quite a lot of ups and downs. And he's taken it all in his stride."

Rishi Kapoor admits his son is not quite at the top of the world at the moment. "Ranbir is naturally disappointed by the outcome of Bombay Velvet. But it's okay. He will get over it. Setbacks are part of every actor's career. I am glad it's happening to him now when he recently started out. I also had more than my share of debacles after Bobby. Films like Zehreela Insaan, Zinda Dil Rangeela Ratan and Raja were all flops. Even Khel Khel Mein was only a chota hit. Nothing worked big time until Laila Majnu. I was at my wit's end. Actor I S Johar even advised me to retire."

So does Ranbir seeks Rishi's advice on which films to do? "Not at all! He takes his own call on which films to do. I did the same. It's okay, yaar. You choose. You go wrong. You stumble and fall. It's all part of the game. We've all gone through it. My father, Ranbir's Dadajee (Raj Kapoor) directed the biggest flop of his career Mera Naam Joker and then he bounced back with Bobby which incidentally was the film that launched me"

Talent, says Rishi Kapoor would speak. "No one doubts Ranbir's ability to deliver. I was lucky that way. Even when my films flopped no one said I was bad in them. The same is true of Ranbir. He is going through a process of churning. He will find his bearings."

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