Sunny Deol embroiled in obscenity case for the first time

The profane verbal content of Dr. Chandraprakash Diwedi's new film Mohalla Assi has shocked many, and we don't mean just prudes and purists. Even those who don't mind splattering their conversation with cusswords are appalled at the language used by the film's lead pair Sunny Deol and Sakshi Tanwar.

Both are iconic actors in their own right. For a good, 9 years Sakshi played the ideal Bahu on the small screen in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. To hear her speaking about white skinned tourists of Varanasi as 'randiyan' is not a pleasant experience.

Sunny has always been a puritan. He refuses to be seen drinking or misbehaving with women in his films, as he doesn't do either in real life. To suddenly hear him sprout profanities in the trailer is a culture shock his fans can do without.

As for Dr Chandraprakash Diwedi, he is a scholar and an erudite movie maker. He made a long-running television series on Chanakya which is regarded as a landmark in researched entertainment on national television.

How on earth has he agreed to be part of this film which takes potshots at the overt religiosity of Varanasi?

An actor from the film who wishes to remain anonymous says they all hoped the film would not be in the public eye. "We were told that Mohalla Assi would never be released because firstly there was an ongoing dispute between the director and his producers. More importantly, Dr Diwedi is very closely affiliated to the BJP. The film, if released, would embarrass both him and the ruling party. In fact the trailer has been leaked primarily to embarrass Dr Diwedi."

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