DJ Rink: The one and only India female DJ amongst the 100 DJ dashers

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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India is miraculously beautiful, it is a country which can be termed as Vibgyor consisting all & different kind of people, religion, thinking and talent which comes together.

Still there have literally been times when we have seen India leading ahead as a nation. When we discuss the topic about exploring we get trapped somewhere.

There have been drawbacks too, like the girl & the ladies have still not got what they actually deserve.

Nevertheless this time it has happened & it will mend the mentality of every darn citizen who think something is impossible or India lacks.

DJ Rink who is the queen of DJ’ing is the first Indian female to come along with the worldwide DJ dashers, fitting in the top 100 DJ’s of the world.

If you do not know much about this then let me drag all of your attention to this:

‘The party turns pink if it’s DJ Rink’.

She is The lady architect of contemporary music or the Desi Diva who is seen setting the ‘Dance Floors On Fire’ with her energy, charisma and music-minded skills wherever she goes. She is best known for her interactive style of DJ’ing.

From all over the world, from Bahrain to Mauritius, Dubai to Singapore, Hong-Kong to Mumbai, Rink has even rocked in Seattle and Portland.

50 elite clubs spread across 20 countries, she has grooved the party goers in more than 35 Indian cities in 125 most distinguished clubs and is still counting. Extremely popular in the Middle East.

Rink has completed her course in Sound Engineering and has been certified by the Institute of Government Polytechnic ( Bandra ) Mumbai. During this course Rink has learnt about numerous music production softwares and sound recordings.

From House to Tribal, Progressive to trance, psy trance to techno, breaks to drum n bass, hip hop to reggae, retro to rock, commercials to world music, one can definitely say that she has the perfect combination of taste and sense for almost all the genres of music.

She has made the entire IPL Extra Innings cast & crew dance on her tune.

The entire crowd gets turned on with sheer interest because of this panache of hers.

Rink is pleasure & blissful to the Music-lovers. Its a real treat to encounter her live.

The ingenuity & passion in this lady-charm is appreciable. Name the music, Bhangra or Bollywood she’ll present you with thousands of gigs.

India has been the country which has been serving combination of all evolving music at a gradual phase over the years.

India is blessed in million ways to own the beauteous-diva on her side indeed increasing India’s pride in & outside the boundaries of country. And as we know, now she’s in the list of top 100 DJ’s across the world, this has given India the trophy of honor to have a daughter like her.

Guys now it’s our turn to congratulate her for her and entire country’s success’s.

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