When Neeraj Pandey got thrown out for a theatre

The great writer William Shakespeare once said, "What's in a name?". Well… ask Neeraj Pandey. The last couple of days saw the name of 'Neeraj Pandey' trending. In Bollywood, the name of 'Neeraj Pandey' is synonymous as the very man who gave us blockbuster films like Baby, Special 26, A Wednesday etc.

But, when a certain news of Neeraj Pandey thrown out of the theatres for not standing up on the national anthem had appeared in one of the publications, it shocked the entire tinsel town fraternity. Everyone got a breather when the truth finally surfaced. It so happened was that there was a 'common man' (a 26 year old hailing from Kandivili) who shared the same name as 'Neeraj Pandey' and it was him who was thrown out of a suburban theatre for not standing up during the national anthem.

A spokesperson from the 'real' Neeraj Pandey's production house Friday Filmworks clarified, "The story about Neeraj Pandey, the Baby director, being thrown out of the theatres for not standing up on the national anthem has turned out to be false. Apparently, the person who was thrown out and taken by the police is a resident of Kandivali and shares the same name as the director. The journalist who covered the story did not bother to cross check it with the director and filed the story without Neeraj Pandey's (the director) consent."

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