Kiran Rao dons Producer’s hat for Aamir Khan Production.

Kiran Rao
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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Kiran RaoNews is Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao will be involved with the project as a hands on producer of Advait Chandan’s untitled.

Advait Chandan’s untitled film is Aamir Khan Production’s (AKP) next venture and Kiran Rao has been going all out for the film donning the hat of an executive producer.

Infact, the work has started in full swing and Kiran Rao has been traveling to and fro to Baroda and Gujarat where the film is currently being shot.

Kiran is immensely occupied with the pre production and the production of the film.

When contacted, Spokesperson confirmed the news and added, Kiran has started work on Advait’s debut film which is currently being shot at Baroda and Gujarat. And so she is required to travel too and fro and overlook the ongoings of the project”

The actor’s former manager Advait who shared a great working relationship with the actor and handled his work for 5 years had been developing a script which he then narrated to the actor.

Its learnt that audiences will be witnessing Aamir Khan in a very key role in the film. This piece of information is surely going to set the viewers prying for more matter. Aamir’s character in the film is set to create enough and more buzz as to what the actor will be presenting the audience this time around.

When Advait put forward his story to Aamir, he feel in love with the subject so much so that the actor is all set to produce the film under the banner of Aamir Khan Production.

It’s a beautiful story of an adolescent girl who aspires to be a singer. The cast has yet not been finalized, while the hunt for the lead actors in still on. Reportedly, the makers of the movie are looking for a fresh face and someone who can sing as well, as the film will require her to be comfortable while she lip syncs.

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