Naughty Gang

The story is about group of youngsters who want success and money, and they don’t hesitate to go on the wrong path to achieve it. Ballu, Vidya, Raja and Harry live in a small village. Vidya is in love with Ballu. Ballu, Raja and Harry are best friends and can do anything for each other. All three boys are mischievous in their childhood and their acts grow with their age. Vidya doesn’t like it and always shows her dislike towards it to Ballu.

One day Ballu, Raja and Harry try to rob a house in a village and get caught. To hide it they kidnap the Sarpanch of the Village who is also Vidya’s father; and threaten him. Vidya comes to know about it and asks Ballu to leave the Village and never come back. Ballu leaves the village; Harry and Raja also leave with Ballu to support their friend.

After they leave the village, they commit fraud to survive. Sometimes they get succeed and sometimes they fall into a situation where they have to escape which creates comedy. One day they reach a natural health care center by mistake. There they meet Leela, Maya and Mona who run that Natural therapy center. Ballu, Raja and Harry are shocked to see Maya as she looks exactly like Vidya. These three girls are also frauds like the boys. Leela pretends to be dead and her ghost is still in the Therapy center. She harasses the clients of the center and forces them to leave the center. Maya and Mona cheat the client of the center and earn lots of money. Ballu, Raja and Harry realize it. They also get evidence that Leela is alive. They blackmail them and become partners in the therapy center. Maya, Leela and Mona are not happy about it.

Interesting love-hate relationship starts between Leela-Romiyo, Tara-Harry, Maya- Ballu and Mona-Raja. There is a romance between respective couples and at the same time Leela, Maya, Tara and Mona try to get back at the boys and regain their ownership of therapy center. Romeo who is a goon and is in love with Leela helps them in their plans. One day Vidya reaches the therapy center with her father. She is ill and her father wants her to admit in the therapy center. Once she takes admission in the therapy center, she realizes that Ballu and his friends are part of this fraud therapy center. She gets upset about it first and plans to leave the place. But Leela now changes herself to see the true love and sacrifice of Vidya.  Leela and Vidya plans with the help of Romiyo, Maya, Tara and Mona. They make a full-proof plan to teach Ballu and his team a lesson and ultimately they succeed to get Ballu, Raja and Harry on a right path. Due to Vidya’s influence Leela, Maya and Mona also leave their bad life behind and start a fresh to be a good human being.

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