Movie Preview I Love Desi

What seems to be a marriage of convenience gradually turns into a love story as the husband decides to win the heart of his wife in desi style.

I Love Desi is about Punjab, who lives in a small village in Punjab and hasn't studied beyond primary school. After facing quite a bit of insults in his village owing to his illiteracy, Punjab takes off to Canada wherein he unfortunately gets trapped in a legal trial of a murder case, that too, of the one he hasn't committed. On the other hand, Simran, a wealthy Indian born girl is on a lookout for an Indian man, whom she can marry in order inherit the property of her father as per his will. When she sees the story of Punjab in a newspaper, she decides to tie the knot with him, considering that he is on a death row sentence and she can soon inherit all the property. However, the plan goes down the drain, when Punjab is released out of jail, when the police find the real culprit. Later, Simran and Punjab decide to go their separate ways but there is one condition they have to fulfill – Simran will have to stay with her husband in his village for six months.

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